2023 Rosé of Cabernet Franc

2023 Rosé of Cabernet Franc

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2023 Rosé is here and ready to pair with blissful, sun-soaked weekends, summer barbeques, and any inspired al fresco moment. 

Hand-picked at the precise moment of mid-veraison development from old vine Cabernet Franc grown on our renowned Fortuna Vineyard, these grapes are then gently, whole-cluster pressed. The resulting juice is carefully racked and cold fermented (54°F) for months to extract the most delicate fruit esters and nuance, and impart that classic Provençal-style, barely-there, blush-of-peach color. 

Wisps of peach blossoms and early ripened strawberries allure the nose, inviting you to take that first irresistible sip. Blushing with flavor, wild citrus and watermelon dance gracefully along the palate with an impeccable balance of freshness and crispness.

Only 180 cases of this wine exist. Don't wait to indulge in this perfect Summer-sipper before it's gone.

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